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Data: 28.04.2009

Curated by Luca Panaro 
Saturday May the 9th , 2009
new urban interactive performance in streaming
simultaneous shows in art galleries network
solo show from May 9 to June 28, 2009
Liuba’s “The Finger and the Moon Project” curated by Luca Panaro and with the kind cooperation of Mark Bartlett and Sonia Pelletier, consists in a show event and in a multimedia performance considering the main world religions as focal points, highlighting the affinities between the different prayer modalities.
The project started two years ago and, still in progress, leads to a new urban interactive performance,The Finger and the Moon #2, that will be held in streaming from different galleries over the world on  Saturday May the 9th, 2009  at 7pm (italian time) in :
Amsterdam, Belem (Brasil), Chicoutimi (Canada), Jerusalem, Mashteuiatsh (Indian Reserve, Canada) Milan, Modena (Italy), Montreal, New York, Paris, Beijin, Piacenza (Italy), Rome, San Francisco, Saint Petersburg, Tel Aviv, Turin, Tokio, Venice, Zurich.
The performance setting is highly symbolical and will be kept secret , except to the galleries participating ,until it  takes place , in order to enjoy the  surprise .
Liuba’s  interest is to mix life with art and to make  borders  between real and symbolic weak and ambiguous .As she said:
“Il mio lavoro sulla religione si situa sul crinale del pendolo: riflette sul bisogno di Infinito dell’uomo e sulla tolleranza per ogni forma di creazione, ma riflette anche sull'ipocrisia dell'intolleranza e sul pericolo del fanatismo. E' un progetto in cui lavoro con il cortocircuito. Un cortocircuito per scuotere e per provocare domande, ma anche da contemplare”.
“My work on religion sits at the middle point of the pendulum: it reflects on man’s quest for the Infinite and on tolerance for every form of creation, but it also reflects on the hypocrisy of intolerance and on the danger of fanaticism. It’s a work to stimulate questions and to induce to reflection but also to contemplate at.”
The peculiarity  of the project consists of the simultaneous participation of galleries all over the world : indeed the live performance will  be shown  in streaming, allowing  public to assist during the live action.
Every gallery is virtually connected to the other, as part of a network, making the performance visible in different parts of the world, symbolically connecting places trough a unique channel.
A new website with all information is being designed for the project
Liuba’s exclusive dress during the performance has been created for the occasion and tailor made from the artist and fashion designer Elisabetta Bianchetti.
The performing date is not accidental, it has a strong emblematic value, investing the project’s tolerance and universality sense: this date does not belong to a specific creed, not willing to have supremacy of one religion over the other .
Indeed  May the 9th is celebrated since 1985 as  the” Giornata dell' Europa” ,in memory of Robert Schuman’s declaration, French foreign  minister at that time, which started the European integration process. “World peace cannot be safeguarded without the making of creative efforts proportionate to the dangers which threaten it” (From the full text of the Declaration,
As a famous indian wise man said :
“All religions are fingers pointing to the moon.
What’s important is to not look merely at the finger”
The Betta Frigieri Arte Contemporanea gallery in Modena is partecipating the project in opening Liuba’s solo show on Saturday, May the 9th at 6 pm, reconstructing the entire “The Finger and the Moon” route.
 The “Finger and the Moon #1 “ two channel video, carried out in 2007 during  the 52 Venice Biennial Opening  will be shown in all the galleries participating to the network.
At 7pm  the streaming performance of  “The Finger and the Moon #2 “will be shown  simultaneously with all the locations and participating galleries, which are planning to realize a wider  exhibition of  the project beginning 2010.
Via G. Muzzioli 8, 41012 Modena - tel. +39 3393766367 - fax +39 0536980110
Via G.B. Scalabrini 116, Piacenza, Italy
+39 0523 332414
via Simone d'Orsenigo, 6 Tel: +39 328 7141308  20100 Milan
GALLERIA 12 – 13
Via Garibaldi 12/13
Trastevere 00100 Roma
132, rue Racine Est
C.P. 442, Chicoutimi, Québec, Canada G7H 5C2.
418-543-2744 > 105

1787, rue Amishk Street

Mashteuiatsh (Pointe-Bleue)

Lake St-John, Qc. G0W 2H0
(418) 275-4842
Seven Stars East Street
Dashanzi Factory 798
Chaoyang Qu, Beijing 100015,China

21 rue des Filles-du-Calvaire
75003 Paris  Tel: +33(0)1.40270927
Im Rüeblig 5c, 8117 Fällanden (Zürich)
Tel 0041 (0) 786090797 (Chiara Marcon)
Locations situated in: Amsterdam, Jerusalem, Montreal, New York, San Francisco, Saint Petersburg, Tel Aviv, Tourin, Tokio, Venice are private collectors, artists studios and religious communities.
For this reason private addresses won't be available on this list.

The Finger and the Moon Project
Saturday May the 9th ,2009
At 6pm italian time
- Liuba‘s The Finger and the Moon Project  solo show opening will take place at  gallery Betta Frigieri Arte Contemporanea in Modena
- The Finger and the Moon #1 video’s exposed in all national and international galleries participating
At 7pm italian time
- the Finger and the Moon #2 streaming performance is showed simultaneously in Amsterdam, Belem (Brasil), Chicoutimi (Canada), Jerusalem, Mashteuiatsh (Indian Reserve, Canada) Milan, Modena (Italy), Montreal, New York, Paris, Beijin, Piacenza (Italy), Rome, San Francisco, Saint Petersburg, Tel Aviv, Turin, Tokio, Venice, Zurich.

Thursday,May 21th 2009
At 9pm italian time
-Liuba and  curator Luca Panaro met at Galleria Betta Frigieri Arte Contemporanea di Modena to think about the whole  “The Finger and the Moon” project
Liuba was born in Milan in 1972.She lives and works both in Milan and North America.

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